Too Busy Sleeping

Zanni Louise’s Too Busy Sleeping

Way back when (2013), I was randomly Googling ‘green smoothies’ (it was when they were the ‘new thing’, not the yawn-worthy highly Instagrammed beverage they are now).

In some sort of cyber-round-about way, I ended up reading a blog post about a smoothie shop in my home town of Byron Bay called Naked Treaties.

That post was written by northern New South Wales blogger Zanni Louise.

I had just started a blog of my own and was unsure exactly how to get people to read it beyond my friends and family. I’d started it because I’d recently finished my first manuscript and the advice of many was to turn to blogging ‘because that’s what authors do.’

Zanni’s blog, My Little Sunshine House, wasn’t just about smoothie shops. It was full of whimsical writing dotted with subtle messages about the importance of gentle and present parenting as well as imaginative play.

I also discovered that I had a lot in common with Zanni. Our children were around the same ages, she lived near my parents, we had mutual ‘real-life’ friends, and we were both aspiring children’s authors.

I messaged her asking for tips on how to reach a broader audience with my blog and she was happy to offer up plenty of information (you can read Zanni’s guide to building your blogging community here).

Another of her posts then inspired me to turn up to an exercise class for mums, which is where we met in person for the first time.

I haven’t stuck to much of Zanni’s blogging advice over the years (although I should have), and I’ve often been a bit skeptical about the whole scene with no desire to write sponsored content or comment on other blogs just for the sake of return interaction (although I do leave comments on posts that have genuinely moved me).

But all of that is a long way of saying, I now finally get why people do blog.

If you look for it, you can find real connection and support.

Zanni was there cheering me on when I got my publishing contract, she came to my launch, and wrote about my books on her blog.

Zanni’s beautiful picture book Too Busy Sleeping has just been released and now it’s my turn to return the favour. HOWEVER, let it be known this is no ‘I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine’ scenario.

Zanni Louise

Zanni Louise meets her third baby – her book, Too Busy Sleeping


Too Busy Sleeping is a genuinely wonderful book.

It tells the story of bringing a second baby into the home and how that’s dealt with by the older sibling in particular.

I found many challenges in bringing home my son but, funnily enough, my daughter wasn’t exactly fazed by it… other than the fact that the baby was perhaps a little boring (too busy sleeping).

Too Busy Sleeping makes the perfect gift for a family expecting Baby Two, but we’ll be keeping our copy.

My children (two and five) loved it – both the dancing words and the gorgeous illustrations.

It’s a work of art.

Congratulations, Zanni!

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  1. Thank you Sam! That is really moving. I am glad the book will stay on your bookshelf! 🙂 Yes, my thoughts about blogging have changed a lot over the years, but at the end of the day I am extremely glad I started blogging, because so much about this book, and how it came about, came directly from my blogging community. Very glad you looked up green smoothies!

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