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Taking back Halloween

A few years back, a wonderful teenage girl I knew was bemoaning the fact that all of her friends dressed in ‘sexy’ Halloween costumes.

They were a big mixed bag of sexy kittens, nurses, pirate’s wenches and scantily clad zombie schoolgirls.

“What will you dress as?” I asked my friend.

“A nun,” she said.

“That’s cool,” I answered.

“Or Madonna,” she said.


There’s a great website called Take Back Halloween, dedicated to offering inspiration for ‘not-so-sexy’ costumes.

I’m a bit of an ancient history buff, so this was my favourite suggestion:



And if you’re still in doubt as to why Take Back Halloween is needed, may I present to you the first result that came up when I typed ‘girls’ Halloween costumes’ in my search engine:

Teen Halloween

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