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Jellyfish in Byron Bay

The non-hipster-mum-on-a-budget guide to Byron Bay

I’ve lived in ‘the Bay’ for about 15 years. That means I’m nowhere close to being a local… never really will be, but my kids are born and bred (they’ll just have to cop their mum being called a ‘blow-in’ – yawn).

I love it here, but have to deal with almost daily slandering of the place from colleagues and family who live in surrounding towns.

One relo called it ‘Nimbin by the sea’ at Christmas lunch… but I wasn’t sure if he meant it as a criticism or compliment, because the dude was actually from Nimbin himself.

I get why some people loathe it – it’s expensive, it’s busy, it’s a bit of a scene… but it’s not all of those things all of the time.Read More

Happy family

‘I would never’ parents

When I was expecting, there was a group of parents I referred to as the ‘just you wait’ers.

I was a generally happy pregnant woman. No morning sickness, no heartburn, no major physical complaints.

I looked forward to the impending birth of both my kidlets with inexplicable readiness. I didn’t have an overwhelming fear of the process or the pain.

I even felt prepared for parenthood.

My attitude was one of all-round ‘I got this’.

Some people didn’t like that.Read More

Inspire Her Mind

Pretty brilliant advertising

I was going to post about something else tonight, but then I saw this and it couldn’t wait:

Inspire her mind. It’s such a good ad.Read More

Woman on laptop

The truth about work

When I was a kid, I didn’t think much about what life would be like as a mum.

I always knew I wanted children, but when I pictured my future it was more like this:

Woman on laptop

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Libby and Jonah

In praise of our kids

Libby and Jonah

Baby boomers will tell you we’re raising a generation of softies.Read More

Me and bub

Advice for new parents

There must be something in the water.

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Jellyfish release

Nature, nurture, boys, girls and jellyfish

Mum never let me take sea creatures home from the beach.

I remember many tantrums while begging to adopt a hermit crab or urchin.Read More

Maria Kang

My excuses for not looking like Maria Kang

So I was trawling Facebook the other day when this popped up:

Maria Kang

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