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Jellyfish in Byron Bay

The non-hipster-mum-on-a-budget guide to Byron Bay

I’ve lived in ‘the Bay’ for about 15 years. That means I’m nowhere close to being a local… never really will be, but my kids are born and bred (they’ll just have to cop their mum being called a ‘blow-in’ – yawn).

I love it here, but have to deal with almost daily slandering of the place from colleagues and family who live in surrounding towns.

One relo called it ‘Nimbin by the sea’ at Christmas lunch… but I wasn’t sure if he meant it as a criticism or compliment, because the dude was actually from Nimbin himself.

I get why some people loathe it – it’s expensive, it’s busy, it’s a bit of a scene… but it’s not all of those things all of the time.Read More

2016 wrap-up

I turned 36 this month – yikes! It’s a daunting age for me, being on the other side of 35 and all that.

And 3000 of my closest friends, all on Facebook, remembered my special day – fancy that!

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A broken arm (plus Shakespeare and Sunrise)

Broken arm

Broken arm

As I write this, Mr Three is sitting at my feet while watching a DVD and nursing A BROKEN ARM.Read More

Anti-Princess Club

Anti-Princess Club hits the US

Just a quick note to say I ticked off a HUGE bucket list item today…

The Anti-Princess Club is for sale in the USA in paperback (as well as e-book).Read More

Book Five dedication

Book Five dedication

The Northern Star is a newspaper based in Lismore – about 45 minutes inland from the better known Byron Bay.

I got my first full-time journalism job at a radio station in the same building as The Star, but I always wanted to move downstairs to work on the paper… it seemed to be where the cool kids hung.Read More

Anti-Princess Club

Measuring success

Let’s call him ‘Artist One.’

We were chatting a while back about what I considered the success of someone we’ll call ‘Artist Two.’

“Artist Two’s work is amazing,” I said. “Artist Two is winning loads of awards,” I said. “Artist Two has tens of thousands of followers on social media,” I said.

Artist One narrowed his eyes. “Yes, but Artist Two drives a beaten up Holden.”Read More


Byron Bay Writers Festival

You know what’s difficult? Adjusting to reality after something like the Byron Bay Writers Festival.

I had a pretty magical time there last Friday to Sunday.

It also involved quite a bit of hat-changing.Read More

Anti-Princess Club

In search of a new blog name

My blog. My poor, neglected blog. It’s been a while.

As I type this, I’m sitting at home with the mother of all head colds, too congested to sleep it off.Read More

Anti-Princess Club

Is it too strong to say ‘anti’ princess?

Phew. It’s been a busy month.

I’ve done a lot of interviews including national TV and radio spots, I’ve written blog posts for the likes of Mamamia and Kidspot, and been the subject of several reviews. I’ve started compiling the media mentions and appearances here if you’re keen to go through them.Read More