Poetry slam

Me – the slam poet

Know what I love about being 30+?

It’s the lack of inhibition. The not caring what anyone thinks anymore. The taking chances. The just doing it because it feels good.

My husband is older than me, so I think he’s been in that headspace longer.

He writes a lot of poetry. Shares it with everyone. No holds barred.

I’ve always been more of a scribble-in-my-journal-then-hide-it-away-in-case-someone-finds-it-and-laughs-at-my-attempts-to-be-poetic type of person.

Then, a couple of years ago, we went to New York. Our first trip together to what is my second favourite place in the world (first is Byron Bay – lucky, that).

We stumbled across the famous Bowery Poetry Club. There was an open mic on the next night.

‘I’ll have a crack,’ said Bruce in his typical confident yet nonchalant manner.

Watching him on stage alongside some of the world’s best stirred something in me.

I was inspired. ‘I could do that, I could do that, I could do that,’ rattled on repeat through my insides, not quite as strong as ‘I want to do that, I want to do that, I want to do that.’

The rattling dulled as life returned to normal. Back to Australia, back to work, back to parenting – round two.

Then, I saw a notice in this year’s Byron Bay Writer’s Festival program advertising the local heats of the Australian Poetry Slam.

I entered. So did Bruce and 18 others. Even David Hallett, one of Australia’s biggest names in performance poetry, entered.


I won.

It was a surreal experience. Doing something I’d never have done in the past. The fear of being mocked would have deterred me in an instant.

But, this time, I didn’t care what anyone thought. And it just so happened they loved it.

I’m performing at the NSW finals next month.

Then I’ll be sharing some videos of my pieces here. Maybe you’ll be into them, maybe you won’t.

I don’t really mind, and it feels great to say that.

I think I might be hooked.

Linking up with My Little Sunshine House for ‘Sunshine Sundays’ with the theme ‘beginnings’ – OK, so this post may seem a tenuous link to that topic, but the whole poetry thing does seem to be the start of a new chapter in life for me!



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  1. Something about the phrase poetry slam makes me want to break out into ‘Yo, yo, yo!’s… That is so great Sam. I am so glad you entered. Amazing! I am dying to see your performance one day! Hopefully you’ll win the state finals and become a YouTube sensation so I can watch it 🙂 Thanks for linking up for Sunshine Sundays! x

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