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Red carpet fashion

I always struggle with a bit of an internal conflict during Hollywood’s awards season.

You see, I love the fashion. Love it.

I’m of the opinion that you can be a feminist and enjoy a good dress-up once in a while. Some completely disagree and say you can’t have your cake and eat it too. But that’s another blog.

For now, I’m talking about those red carpet gowns that take my breath away once a year.

I view them as works of art. Nothing I could ever conceive wearing myself, but objects of beauty to admire from afar.

So, when Cate Blanchett made this comment at the Golden Globes, I was torn again. She asked the camera operator if he panned down the bodies of the male actors in the same way they do for the women.

I get the point she was making, and I even applaud her for sparking the conversation.

But, here’s the thing: The men just don’t look as interesting as the women.

I mean, if they wanted to wear a couture gown rather than a standard, black and white, three-piece suit (like every other male actor on the red carpet) then I’d love to see the full body shot.

The point is, I’m not so much looking at the woman or the body as I am at the gown. So, I want the top-to-bottom pan.

That said, the interviews with the women pre-awards are completely inane. Sure, ask one question about the gown if you must, but these are people who are on the red carpet as a result of their work.

When they speak, I want to hear about their nomination, their movie, their next project. Heck, ask them about politics, religion, their families… anything but ‘how long did it take to do your hair?’ or ‘are you wearing Spanx?’

BuzzFeed illustrates my point hilariously in this interview with Kevin Spacey. Enjoy.

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