Libby's pirate costume

Pirate or wench?

My first mistake was typing ‘girl’s’ before ‘pirate costume.’

A pirate is a pirate, right? The costume should be straight forward. Eye patch, hat, maybe a parrot on the shoulder.

But when Libby decided she wanted a pirate party for her 4th birthday, I stupidly searched for a gender-specific costume online.

The results were not so much pirate as they were wench.

Teen's pirate costume


The toddler section was cute, but too small for Libby and still very… pinkified.

Pirate girlEventually, we found one that looked a little more like a ‘real’ pirate and didn’t cost a bomb.

Libby's pirate costume

Later, I decided to search for something for myself. Here’s what came up under ‘women’s’ pirate costumes.

Women's pirate costume

Women's pirate costume

And so on, and so forth. None exactly appropriate for the host of a 4-year-old’s birthday party.

Dear online shopping world: Why can’t we just be pirates instead of sexy-pouty-butt-flashing wenches? Each to their own, but all I ask for is options. O.P.T.I.O.N.S.

The only real female pirate I’ve ever heard of is Anne Bonny (March 8, 1702 – April, 22, 1782).

She was an Irish woman who operated in the Caribbean and was said to have disguised herself as a man. Apparently, the disguise part isn’t actually true and she took part in combat alongside her shipmates who knew and respected her as a woman.

I wonder how she would’ve managed sword-fighting, plank-walking and swash-buckling in stilettos and fishnets.

This seems far more sensible.

Anne Bonney

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  1. Another female pirate was Shi Xainggu (1785-1844)- she eventually led 6 pirate fleets of over 800 ships and eighty thousand pirates and is considered by some to be the greatest pirate of all time.

  2. Thank you for asking this question. It is one I have pondered over for quite some time. Why do women need to wear slutty outfits to dress up parties? I just don’t get it!

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