Dad quote

Mother-son, father-daughter, it’s all the same

I’ve always found quotes like this about mother-son relationships a little creepy:Mother son quoteEqually as weird are these daddy-daughter platitudes:

Dad quote

I say this because I’ve never identified as a ‘mummy’s’ or ‘daddy’s’ girl myself. I’m both. And I’ve never understood the difference between a mother-son relationship and a mother-daughter relationship. I guess I also believe there shouldn’t be a difference.

When I think back over the many ‘words of wisdom’ imparted on me as an expectant parent, by far the most offensive was this:

“You’ll know real love if you have a boy.”

I already had a girl and the suggestion that I could love my second child more than the first was abhorrent. Regardless of gender.

I can confidently say, now that I’ve birthed the elusive pigeon pair, that there is no difference. Nil. Nada. None.

I love my girl and my boy equally. That will never change. Real love, for both.

And as for those inspo-quotes that so often creep onto Facebook and the like – I will be my son’s first kiss/love/friend, but I’ll also be my daughter’s first kiss/love/friend.

Have you ever clicked the share button on a quote like those above? Is it just me who gets a bit of the spooky Oedipus vibe from them?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this one!




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