Millenials say sorry – for everything

I love this Youtube clip. LOVE it.

You see, I’m a Gen Y’er (also known as a Millenial). Just.

Earlier in my career, if I ever felt discriminated against it was almost always because I was female. Couple that with being five-foot-nothing and having a high-pitched voice and it’s a wonder I was ever taken seriously by anyone.

As I’ve aged (says the greying 32-year-old), I’ve found I’m more often offended by ‘slack Gen Y’ comments that are so freely thrown around.

Ageism is so often simply considered as discrimination against seniors.

Yet, complaining about anyone under 33 (yep, I only just make the cut) seems perfectly acceptable. Expected, even.

We’re considered narcissistic, demanding, conceited and lazy. A whole generation sweepingly labelled as generally awful.

Watch the above clip for the perfect response.

And remember, if you’re a Baby Boomer, we’re the product of you. Have a happy day.

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  1. Sammy, I love this particular blog! Gen X is really no different to the Baby boomers except they have a sense of “I’m entitled to tell a Gen Yer to do it!! The lazy Generations before us have screwed us and it is simply because they have a better PR Tesm then we do!! Work smarter not harder!! Love Gen Y

    1. Post

      Ha – Some Gen X’ers can be particularly smug can’t they? I wonder what we’ll all be saying about the Gen Z’ers – hopefully treating them with a little more respect than we get

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