Anti-Princess Club


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In-studio interview with Sunrise on Channel Seven

Aussie mum takes on US princesses on

Taking the tiaras out of girls’ fiction, NBN Television

The Anti-Princess Club, Radio National’s Life Matters

In-studio interview with Mornings on Channel Nine

Sunday Telegraph, The Anti-Princess Club: Writer mum creates girls’ book series minus the princesses

Why I wrote The Anti-Princess Club, Mamamia

No need for rescues in this book series, The Northern Star

To be more than a princess, The Northern Star

Empowering our girls, no princesses required: Breathe Inspiration Journal

Tackling the role of the princess, Byron Echo

Creative people: Anti-Princess Mama, My Little Sunshine House

The Anti-Princess Club book review, The Mummy Project

The Anti-Princess Club series, Children’s Books Daily

Book People: Samantha Turnbull, Children’s Books Daily

Come and Join The Anti-Princess Club, Things Made from Letters

12 Curly Questions with Samantha Turnbull, Kids Book Review

Holly, our very own Anti-Princess, The Byron Shire News

No passive princess tales for today’s girl, Newcastle Herald

Literature lovers unite at Somerset Celebration of Literature, More Gold Coast

Samantha Turnbull at Scone Literary Long Weekend, The Scone Advocate

Verandah Magazine, The Anti-Princess World of Samantha Turnbull

People to know: Samantha Turnbull, Common Ground Australia

Big Country Book Club Clubhouse – The Anti-Princess Club




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