Santa on bike

On yer bike, dads

Last Christmas, a friend of mine updated his Facebook status to read: “Here’s a post to all the dads assembling bikes after midnight to keep Santa real for our beautiful kids… a very Merry Christmas.”

It was a nice thought and one that I’m remembering a year later as our daughter is about to get her first ‘big girl’ bike from the man in the red suit.

It came in a flat-packed box and will require assembly before December 25. However, it won’t be her dad with tools in hand. It will be me.

I’m sure there are thousands of other mums who will also be chief bike builders in their households this Christmas Eve.

But, I must admit, there was a time when I wouldn’t have questioned being relegated to simple present wrapping or food prep.

Growing up, my dad was definitely the bike builder. That’s what I knew and that’s what I imagined the father of my own children would be doing later on.

I was always interested in construction, but it was ingrained in me that building was boys’ work.

That changed when I shacked up with my husband. His lack of skill in the handyman world has forced me to fend for myself.

In the past 10 years I’ve built many an Ikea special, single-handedly taken care of our ‘yard work’ and renovated the kitchen.

Last Christmas, Dad bought me an expensive and extensive tool kit. The year before he bought me a whipper snipper.

None of this may seem like a big deal, but for someone who didn’t touch anything but a broom in high school wood/metal work classes – I’ve come a long way.

And I’m writing this with extreme respect for my husband.

What he lacks by the way of traditional ‘man skills’ he makes up for with amazing and regular cooking, cleaning and caring for the children. Oh, and he’s also a wonderful lover. TMI?

So, here’s a post to all the MUMS assembling bikes after midnight to keep Santa real for our beautiful kids… a very Merry Christmas.

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  1. I’m a shocker, I have this thing where I just can’t follow instructions, I keep thinking my way of doing it will turn out better than the instructed way and, well, you can imagine how that turns out! I do however take great pleasure in watching hubby sweat and swear as he assembles things 😉

  2. Ha. Love it. I admit, I am relegated to packing presents and food prep, entirely of my own doing. Screws and instructions and things make my head ache. But to be fair, I know my brothers are equally hopeless, so maybe it’s more in our upbringing than with my gender! Although my husband has some remarkable feminine qualities, he is still the bike builder in our house, being all mathematical and all that. Thanks so much for linking in with Sunshine Sundays, and have a wonderful Christmas! Hope your daughter enjoys the bike! x

  3. Good on you handylady. I’m not much of a handylady but that’s not because I couldn’t it’s just I fain stupidity to pass the duty onto my husband. He’s gotta do something to be apart of it all! This year is our first big year of making on Xmas eve, so that FB post will probably be appropriate for our household. I had not thought about how universal the “building” will be in many homes around the globe until I read this post. It’s a nice thought.

  4. ha yes we can be great bike putter togetherers 🙂 i’m a great water table putter togetherer this year. hope it all fits! x

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