Batboy and batgirl

I have lots of boyfriends

I was recently eavesdropping on a conversation between my three-year-old daughter, Libby, and our four-year-old neighbour, Nick, as they played outside.

Nick: Do you have a boyfriend?

Libby – pauses to consider answer.

Libby: Yes. Do you?

Nick laughs, embarrassed.

Nick: No. I’m a boy.

Libby: So?

Nick: I don’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

Libby: I have lots of boyfriends.

Nick: Really?!?

Libby: Yes, there’s Brodie, Austin, Archie, Japhie, Fleetwood, Marlow and you.

Nick: Me?

Libby: Yes, silly, you’re a boy and you’re my friend. I have lots of boys who are friends. I have lots of girls who are friends as well.

Nick: Oh. I guess I do too.

Knock, knock.

I answer the door and find Nick and Libby waiting for me dressed like this:

Batboy and batgirl


Boyfriends, girlfriends, batfriends… it’s all the same at this age.

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