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Libby dancing

A happy belated V-Day

Libby dancing

‘Raise your hands if you, or someone close to you, has been assaulted.’

Every one of the 200+ women around me raised their hands.

I wasn’t surprised.

Violence is a part of mine and so many of my friends’ stories.

For a lot of us, they’re not experiences we’ll ever feel comfortable sharing publicly. But we all want to do something, anything, to stop such unspeakable acts going unnoticed, unquestioned… and becoming an expected consequence of womanhood.

That was why I wanted to dance on Byron Bay’s Main Beach on February 14.

A group led by my wedding celebrant, Zenith Virago, had organised a One Billion Rising For Justice event for women survivors of violence and their supporters.

We were asked to wear red and meet on the sand at 7am.

I took the kids – Jonah (one) and Libby (three).

Someone asked me how I explained the cause to Lib.

I simply told her it was a dance party to celebrate how strong and powerful girls are.

She loved it.

And that was enough.

* Thanks to ABC North Coast reporter Margie Burin for capturing the above photo of Libby dancing

* For more beautiful pics from the day, visit photographer Natalie Grono’s blog here.


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  1. Naomi Bulger says:

    It chills me to read this and think how prevalent violence is in our society. The problem can seem overwhelming. But I loved how you explained the event to your daughter, “I simply told her it was a dance party to celebrate how strong and powerful girls are.” Maybe one day we can truly exchange solidarity and protest for celebration, because there is at last no need for the former!

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