Great grandcamping

Greetings from sunny Evans Head on the NSW north coast!

This is a place where my grandmother (pictured above) holidayed as a child, then holidayed with her children, then holidayed with her grandchildren (including me) and is now holidaying with her great grandchildren (that’s my daughter Libby in the pic).

How cool is that?

What makes it extra cool is that Nanny (as I call her) often camps here solo – and she is in her 70s. What a shero!

Libby and I have joined her for a couple of nights this summer on an all girls getaway (my non-camping husband is home with baby Jonah) and we are having an awesome time.

And yes – it is still ‘camping’ if I can find decent enough reception to post a blog from my smartphone!

Hope you’re having a sensational summer if you’re also in the Southern Hemisphere, or a wonderful winter if you’re up top!



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