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Girl-made nature craft

Crown and maskI love Tuesdays.

I get to spend them with both kids at home and that usually means abandoning chores for play-time.

Today I asked Libby what she wanted to do.

“Let’s collect leaves and flowers,” she said.

We set off with a basket, scouring the neighbourhood for fallen blooms and foliage.

“I love things from nature,” Libby said.

“What are you favourite things from nature?” I asked.

“Flowers, feathers and glitter,” she replied.

Glitter. Interesting.

“Glitter isn’t actually from nature,” I said. “It’s man-made.”

Libby paused to consider that statement.

“That’s funny,” she said. “I thought glitter would be girl-made, not man-made, because it’s so pretty.”

Where does one begin to unravel that logic?

I didn’t.

Instead we went home and made a crown and mask from our collected treasures.Mask

Sometimes you’ve just got to let these things pass with a smile.

Then blog about them for posterity.




2 responses to “Girl-made nature craft”

  1. Renee Wilson says:

    What a cute conversation! I love the way they think 🙂

  2. Zanni Louise says:

    So gorgeous! Looks like fun. I reckon Elka would get that girl-made glitter logic thing. x

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