A Frozen birthday party

Let it go

I may be a bit of an anti-princess, but I’m not anti-Frozen.

The record-breaking success of Disney’s Snow Queen adaptation is thoroughly deserved if you ask me (that’s not to say there aren’t loads of other worthy films and stories that should’ve done just as well, if not better).

Like its predecessor, Brave, it’s no subdued damsel-in-distress cliche.

I love the twist to the usual romantic sub-plot where Prince Hans turns out to be the villain.

I love the message that you can’t marry someone you just met.

I love that sisterhood saves the day and that Anna’s true love kiss comes from Elsa.

And, most importantly, my daughter loves it too.

That’s actually an understatement. She’s obsessed with it.

We went to a Frozen-themed birthday party for Libby’s friend Zali on the weekend.

Let’s just say: BEST. PARTY. EVER.

Lots of photos below.








Zali in line



Melted snow

Olaf's noses

Frozen hearts

Snow balls

Frost bites

Ice mountains

Frozen cake

Zali and cake

Zali and cake

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  1. Awesome party! Great photos. Love all of the special food, I can see it would have gone down a treat. #teamIBOT

  2. VERY COOL! (did you notice the subtle connection to the word Frozen) In this world with so much sadness,anger and despair there is nothing as beautiful as little girls dressed as princesses. Well done you!

  3. Thankyou so much Sam for such magical photos that we will treasure forever. The pressures on for next year’s party lol.

  4. What a lucky girl Zali is!! I love that pic of her with dirt on her face looking at the cake. Looks like she had an awesome day. I just love the attention to detail. I would love to do something like this for the kids one day, you know, go all out for a party. I kind of did for Peppa a few years ago, but not to this extent. We love Frozen in this house too. I love the messaging and the bond between sisters.

  5. What a great party! I’m putting on the same theme party for my Esther who turns 4 in August. My girls are obsessed with Frozen too!

  6. Best party EVER! Wow bet that earned you some brownie points, so much effort has gone in to that – Congrats – NAILED IT!

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      Thanks Angela – I couldn’t use most of my fav pics because I didn’t want to publish faces of the littlies without their parents’ permission, but I’m glad you liked what’s there 🙂

  7. It’s amazing how successful this Frozen thing has been. I haven’t seen it – yet to take Elfie to the movies, but maybe we should go see it. Disney certainly had the right formula! It’s great that positive messages for girls are becoming part of popular culture. I am sure you will be adding to this with your own books. x

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      You’ve missed it at the movies Zanni – I’m yet to take Libby to a cinema as well – we got the DVD as a present (I’d suggest just hiring it though unless you want to end up watching it multiple times per week – ha)

  8. Ha. Fantastic. And – gorgeous photos Samantha. We ALL love Frozen here too ( and my boys are 8 and 10!) 😉 x

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