Kids' French maid costume

Christmas present don’ts

Last week I let you in on a few of the anti-princess gifts I’ve bought my daughter for Christmas.

This week, I thought I’d have some fun and show you what won’t be in my children’s stockings.

All of these items are real and on the market now.

Toddler bra1) A toddler bra.

My three-year-old does not need a bra.

She doesn’t have breasts.

The end.




2) A French maid costume.

Kids' French maid costume

For kids.

This picture is the ‘tween’

edition for girls 9-12.

There are, oh I don’t know,

at least five hundred billion trillion

other costume ideas I could come up

with for my daughter before ‘sexy cleaning lady.’

Read my Halloween costume vent here.


Playboy onesie3) A Playboy onesie.

Sorry fashion floggers,

you can’t sexualise my son either.

If you wouldn’t dream of letting your

girls pose for Playboy, don’t encourage

your boys to consume it.





4) One of these creepy My Little Pony dolls.

My Little Pony doll

Remember when they were simple plastic ponies with rainbows on the rump?

What happened?

This is actually called a My Little Pony Equestria Girl – because all of the horse-loving folk I know ride in metallic mini skirts and boob tubes.




Girls' science kit5) A box of cosmetics – specifically false nails and polish – disguised as a ‘science’ kit.

Science does not come in pink and blue. It’s for everyone.

No wonder there’s a market for products like GoldieBlox.


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