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Jellyfish in Byron Bay

The non-hipster-mum-on-a-budget guide to Byron Bay

I’ve lived in ‘the Bay’ for about 15 years. That means I’m nowhere close to being a local… never really will be, but my kids are born and bred (they’ll just have to cop their mum being called a ‘blow-in’ – yawn).

I love it here, but have to deal with almost daily slandering of the place from colleagues and family who live in surrounding towns.

One relo called it ‘Nimbin by the sea’ at Christmas lunch… but I wasn’t sure if he meant it as a criticism or compliment, because the dude was actually from Nimbin himself.

I get why some people loathe it – it’s expensive, it’s busy, it’s a bit of a scene… but it’s not all of those things all of the time.Read More

2016 wrap-up

I turned 36 this month – yikes! It’s a daunting age for me, being on the other side of 35 and all that.

And 3000 of my closest friends, all on Facebook, remembered my special day – fancy that!

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The Anti-Princess Club

It’s OK to be ‘anti’

An editor of mine once said to me: “Sam, you’re too polite.”

He was giving me advice on how I needed to change if I wanted to become an editor myself.

At the time I took great offence – yet nodded, politely, of course.

But he was right. From an early age, like many girls, I was taught that it’s inappropriate to be negative.

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Boys will be boys

Stop demonising teen girls

You know what I’m sick of hearing? Pretty much everyone in my life demonising teenage girls.

As a mother of one daughter and one son, I’m forever hearing comparative predictions of how my boy will be a handful in his younger years and my girl will be an absolute horror come puberty.Read More

Billy B Brown

Books my six-year-old loves

So, Miss Five is no longer and Miss Six is.

She’s starting to read on her own and I’m often asked what she thinks of my books…Read More


A broken arm (plus Shakespeare and Sunrise)

Broken arm

Broken arm

As I write this, Mr Three is sitting at my feet while watching a DVD and nursing A BROKEN ARM.Read More

Anti-Princess Club

Anti-Princess Club hits the US

Just a quick note to say I ticked off a HUGE bucket list item today…

The Anti-Princess Club is for sale in the USA in paperback (as well as e-book).Read More

Writing tips with a grain of salt

Something distressing happened to me a few months back.

I lost my writing time.Read More


Someone has to do it…

I was at a party the other night, speaking to a school teacher (as you do when you’re a children’s author and have been visiting a lot of schools), when her husband walked past.

She grabbed his forearm and nodded in my direction.

“—, you should meet Sam,” she said. “She writes children’s books.”

The man, without making eye contact, shrugged his shoulders and said: “Someone has to, I s’pose.”Read More