Remember the Rainbows

The coronavirus pandemic transformed the lives of all of us in small and enormous ways. Among the panic, the sadness and the challenging moments, buds of human resilience grew and flourished.

This book is a time capsule of these moments: The stormy ones, the flashes of joy, the sparks of innovation and bursts of kindness, as humanity assembled to embrace a new kind of normal.

Emily’s Tiara Trouble

It’s the last straw for maths whiz Emily Martin when her mother enters her in a local beauty pageant.

Emily and her three best friends form The Anti-Princess Club and set their first mission.

With their awesome talents combined, can they show the world that girls want to be valued for more than what they see in the mirror?

Bella’s Backyard Bullies

The anti-princesses meet weekly in their treehouse headquarters – a masterpiece designed by artistic genius Bella Singh.

But after an angry anonymous email, followed by an attack on their meeting place, it’s time for a new Anti-Princess Club mission to bring down their mysterious enemies.

Can the anti-princesses find and beat the bullies?

Grace’s Dance Disaster

Sports-mad Grace Bennett is ecstatic when her teacher arranges a training session with a famous football team.
When Grace arrives on the field, however, her role is not what she expected – and doesn’t even involve kicking a ball!

How can she and her anti-princess best friends teach their teachers that there’s more than one way to be a girl?

Chloe’s River Rescue

Science freak Chloe Karalis’s favourite person in the universe is her grandmother – and they’re both going on an awesome summer holiday with Chloe’s three anti-princess besties.

But when Yiayia goes missing on her morning walk, the foursome knows that they’re faced with their biggest mission yet.

Can they combine their unique talents and work together to rescue their beloved mentor?

Cruise Control

Maths whiz Emily Martin has won a place in a video game competition – on a cruise ship! And her best friends Bella, Grace and Chloe are with her all the way.

While onboard, the girls set themselves a few anti-princess missions: win the regatta, rescue the endangered turtle, prove that dolls can be more than pretty, and show the gamers that girls can compete – and win!

Can the anti-princesses work together to complete their missions, and maybe pick up some new members along the way?

Fierce Girls

Australia is full of girls who dare to do things differently. Adventurous girls. Girls with guts and spirit. You know what they are? They’re FIERCE. And these are their stories. Based on the number 1 ABC Podcast Fierce Girls, this book features the inspiring stories of Julia Gillard, Jackie French, Layne Beachley, Celeste Barber and Evonne Goolagong-Cawley. Fierce Girls is an amazing ABC Kids Listen podcast that features famous Aussie artists such as Amy Shark, Dame Quentin Bryce, Turia Pitt, Stephanie Gilmore, and more retell the inspiring tales of some of Australia’s most extraordinary women.