The Anti-Princess Club

The Anti-Princess Club books

The moment has come.

I’ve been given the all clear to finally let you in on the titles, covers and brief synopses of my books (due for release with Allen & Unwin in March)… drumroll please…

The series is called…

The Anti-Princess Club

The Anti-Princess Club banner


Superstar blogger/author/all-round media legend Mia Freedman had this to say after she and her daughter were given advanced reading copies: ‘Finally! An engaging fiction series for girls that shows them there is more to life than wearing a tiara.’

And, in a nutshell, this is the premise:

Ten-year-old best friends Emily, Bella, Grace and Chloe, thumb their noses at helpless fairytale princesses.

When the adults in their lives won’t stop treating them like damsels in distress, the girls form the Anti-Princess Club with the motto: ‘We don’t need rescuing!’

Here’s BOOK #1:

Emily's Tiara Trouble

The first book in The Anti-Princess Club series: Emily’s Tiara Trouble

Emily’s Tiara Trouble

It’s the last straw for maths whiz Emily Martin when her mother enters her in a local beauty pageant.

Emily and her three best friends form The Anti-Princess Club and set their first mission.

With their awesome talents combined, can they show the world that girls want to be valued for more than what they see in the mirror?

Here’s BOOK #2:

Bella's Backyard Bullies

Book two in The Anti-Princess Club series: Bella’s Backyard Bullies

Bella’s Backyard Bullies

The anti-princesses meet weekly in their treehouse headquarters – a masterpiece designed by artistic genius Bella Singh.

But after an angry anonymous email, followed by an attack on their meeting place, it’s time for a new Anti-Princess Club mission to bring down their mysterious enemies.

Can the anti-princesses find and beat the bullies?

Here’s BOOK #3:

Grace's Dance Disaster

Book Three in The Anti-Princess Club series: Grace’s Dance Disaster

Grace’s Dance Disaster

Sports-mad Grace Bennett is ecstatic when her teacher arranges a training session with a famous football team.

When Grace arrives on the field, however, her role is not what she expected – and doesn’t even involve kicking a ball!

How can she and her anti-princess best friends teach their teachers that there’s more than one way to be a girl?

And here’s BOOK #4:

Chloe's River Rescue

Book Four in The Anti-Princess Club series: Chloe’s River Rescue

Chloe’s River Rescue

Science freak Chloe Karalis’s favourite person in the universe is her grandmother – and they’re both going on an awesome summer holiday with Chloe’s three anti-princess besties.

But when Yiayia goes missing on her morning walk, the foursome knows that they’re faced with their biggest mission yet.

Can they combine their unique talents and work together to rescue their beloved mentor?


You can read what Allen & Unwin posted about the books and characters on their blog here.

I’ll be posting lots more about the stories and characters in the next few weeks, and The Anti-Princess Club is also getting its own website due to go live very soon.

So – thoughts?

I just love ’em – and a big shout out to illustrator Sarah Davis who I hope to introduce you to properly on the blog shortly.








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  1. My 10 year old daughter loves these books. She has read all four and would love some more please! Thank you Samantha Turnbull ?

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  2. Thanks for writing this awesome series, my daughter is a big fan she loves the idea of being an antiprincess and all it encompasses

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  3. Sorry, I only just got round to checking this out. They sound fantastic. I’m especially excited about the Chloe one. Will be perfect for my niece, Chloe, when she gets a wee bit older 🙂

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  4. So cool Sam! They sound awesome and I can’t wait to have them on our bookshelf. After barely a week of Frozen I am so over the whole princess palava. Intelligent awesome girls -hooray!!

  5. These sound terrific Sam! I know some year 5s who are going to be totally psyched to get their hands on these. Can’t wait to get copies at your book launch.

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  6. Congratulations Samantha. I have one little anti-princess who loves reading and these books look great. So happy for you!

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