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Anti-princess Christmas gifts

I always go overboard with ‘stuff’ at Christmas.

This year, I’ve tried to make an effort to give more ethically. I’ve made a few presents with recycled bibs and bobs, a lot of relos are getting photos of the kids, and many of the retailers I’ve chosen have been local and/or independent.

BUT… (there’s always a but)… as usual, I’ve bought too much.

BUT… (there it is again)… there is one rule I have managed to stick to 100 per cent and that is steering clear of toys that perpetuate gender stereotypes.

Here’s some of my favourite ‘stuff’ Libby (age 3) may find amongst the masses in her sack this festive season:

Rocket launcher  – Rocket launcherThis isn’t too expensive and it’s something that the whole fam can enjoy together.

I predict come Boxing Day we’ll be down at the local soccer ground launching a few of these babies.

Apparently they can shoot as high as 60 metres.


Flower press Flower press– I know we could easily press flowers with a couple of old phone books,but this is too cute.

AND it’s made by a Byron Bay company, so we’re supporting a home town business.

I also think this is the kind of keepsake that could become an heirloom.

So much better than standard plastic toys that are destined for landfill.

Medical caseMedical caseLib’s daycare teachers say her favourite game is doctors and nurses.

Ever since I took her along for my check-ups when I was pregnant with her little brother, she has been obsessed with checking our heart beats and taking our temperature.

So, I figured it was time for a cool little medical kit.


Dirtgirl CDDirtgirl CDIf you know Dirtgirl you know she’s awesome.

We watch the series on  TV and have two books, so I thought it was time for some music too.

I’ve had the honour of interviewing the Dirtgirl creators (also NSW north coasters) and they are so humble/unaffected by their huge success.

I love people who don’t forget their roots.

Violet MackerelViolet Mackerel books – I realise these are actually written for girls around 6-9, but Lib has recently started getting into longer-form stories (read to her by me)… probably as a ploy to prolong bedtime, but nevertheless these books are really sweet.

They feature a strong-willed girl protagonist, instructions for educational activities inspired by the stories and there’s no mention of princesses or fairies anywhere.

I especially love the illustrations by Sarah Davis.


* Please note, this post is not sponsored. All products were sought out by me without any contact from/with the creators or sellers.


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