Sam is happiest exploring.

Samantha Turnbull is a writer, podcast-maker, journalist and teacher.

Her books include Remember the Rainbows (Five Mile, 2021), the five-book best-selling Anti-Princess Club series (Allen & Unwin, 2015), and Fierce Girls (Five Mile, 2022).

Sam is the writer of the Fierce Girls podcast, producer of Dino Dome, News Time and Little Green Pod, contributing writer of Animal Sound Safari, and editor of the Still Jill postscript. Her pods have had many millions of downloads.

Sam is a multi-award winning journalist (including Walkley finalist) who has worked across print, broadcast and digital media for more than 20 years.

She is also a slam poetry champion, and you can see one of her first-ever performances here.

Apart from writing, Sam’s greatest passion is working with kids. She completed her Masters of Teaching (Primary) in 2022, and has taught hundreds of creative writing classes all over Australia, in the United States, and in the Kingdom of Bhutan (one of her favourite places).

Sam also loves trail-running (especially in far flung locations). You might see her byline in adventure publications where she contributes articles about trail-running.

Sam lives in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia.

Her favourite author is Robin Klein 🙂

Her favourite food is ice cream 🙂

Her favourite hobbies are trail-running, painting and listening to podcasts 🙂

Her favourite favourite thing is exploring 🙂

Her favourite favourite favourite thing is her family 🙂