A lesson in shopping around

So, I’ve already broken the first commandment of blogging – thou shalt not leave too long between posts.

However, I have two BIG excuses. The first is a happy one, the second not so.

Let’s start with happy, shall we? Drumroll please.

I HAVE BEEN OFFERED A PUBLISHING CONTRACT! Until the ink is dry I can’t reveal too much more, other than to say it’s a great and big publisher and I am ecstatic. A rushed mid-week flight to Sydney to meet my publisher meant the blog was put on hold for a while.

Now to the heavier reason for my tardiness.

I arrived home from Sydney to a very sick baby boy.

My six-month-old son Jonah has had a nasty cough for at least six weeks. I’ve taken him for three check-ups in that time but was sent home with diagnoses of ‘just a cold’ and ‘mild bronchiolitis’.

After the third visit I started questioning myself and my worry. I wondered if I was some sort of over cautious, hypochondriac parent.

When Jonah was seven weeks old he was hospitalised with viral meningitis, so I wondered if I was simply paranoid after that horrible experience.

This week his cough worsened and he stopped feeding. When a coughing fit ended in a mountainous vomit I took him into the local hospital where they did a chest x-ray.

We were sent to a bigger hospital at Tweed Heads (there are no paediatricians in Byron Bay) for the night.

This morning we found out Jonah has pneumonia. Looks like he’s had it for a long time.

But, he’s going to be OK. Thank goodness.

Emerging writers are always told to not be disheartened by rejection letters and to keep shopping around for second, third, twentieth opinions. Turns out I didn’t need to do that with my manuscript, but it paid off to shop around with my baby.

Let it be a lesson to us all that if you suspect something is wrong with your child to trust your instinct.

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