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Jellyfish in Byron Bay

The non-hipster-mum-on-a-budget guide to Byron Bay

I’ve lived in ‘the Bay’ for about 15 years. That means I’m nowhere close to being a local… never really will be, but my kids are born and bred (they’ll just have to cop their mum being called a ‘blow-in’ – yawn).

I love it here, but have to deal with almost daily slandering of the place from colleagues and family who live in surrounding towns.

One relo called it ‘Nimbin by the sea’ at Christmas lunch… but I wasn’t sure if he meant it as a criticism or compliment, because the dude was actually from Nimbin himself.

I get why some people loathe it – it’s expensive, it’s busy, it’s a bit of a scene… but it’s not all of those things all of the time.Read More

Jem and the Holograms

Truly outraged over Jem film

Jem and the Holograms

This is truly outrageous. And not in a good way.Read More

Wedding dance

Five years as a Missus

Wedding day

One of my favourite literary passages was printed on our wedding invitations.Read More

March in March

My little prime minister-lover

Byron Bay March in MarchJulia Gillard became Australia’s first female prime minister when Libby was a few months old.Read More

Libby's pirate costume

Pirate or wench?

My first mistake was typing ‘girl’s’ before ‘pirate costume.’Read More

The Body Image Movement

Taryn Brumfitt

Apparently I’ve been hiding under a rock, because I’ve only just discovered Taryn Brumfitt and The Body Image Movement.Read More

International Women's Day

Why we need International Women’s Day

International Women's Day

“Is it my turn with the handsaw?” “How about you sweep up the sawdust, love.” – Me, age 13, and school woodwork teacher.Read More


For the love of Lammily



I bought a Lammily! I bought a Lammily!Read More

Evening gowns

Red carpet conflict


Red carpet fashion

I always struggle with a bit of an internal conflict during Hollywood’s awards season.Read More