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Jellyfish in Byron Bay

The non-hipster-mum-on-a-budget guide to Byron Bay

I’ve lived in ‘the Bay’ for about 15 years. That means I’m nowhere close to being a local… never really will be, but my kids are born and bred (they’ll just have to cop their mum being called a ‘blow-in’ – yawn).

I love it here, but have to deal with almost daily slandering of the place from colleagues and family who live in surrounding towns.

One relo called it ‘Nimbin by the sea’ at Christmas lunch… but I wasn’t sure if he meant it as a criticism or compliment, because the dude was actually from Nimbin himself.

I get why some people loathe it – it’s expensive, it’s busy, it’s a bit of a scene… but it’s not all of those things all of the time.Read More

Piano tuner

Finding comfort in ‘stuff’

I opened the book and pressed my nose up against the fading, tea-coloured pages.

“Smell that, Libby,” I said. “There’s nothing like the scent of an old book.”Read More

Anne Frank

Good at heart

Working as a journalist, I’m often exposed to the worst of humanity.Read More

Libby dancing

A happy belated V-Day

Libby dancing

‘Raise your hands if you, or someone close to you, has been assaulted.’Read More

Pink butt

Hello Mrs Wobbly Bottom

Pink butt

Libby is a comedian. There’s no doubt about it.

Her most often used excuse is:  “I was just trying to be funny.”Read More

Jodi Power

Where were you when Schapelle was sentenced?

Jodi Power

Where were you when Schapelle Corby was sentenced to 20 years in a Bali prison?Read More


‘Boys are stronger than girls’

It’s kind of poignant that it happened over a broken Barbie doll.

I’ve never felt comfortable with those tip-toed, big-breasted, doe-eyed things.Read More